Tree Planting

Precision has put in thousands of trees and miles of fabric over the years. If you have purchased trees through the DNR we can install them for you. We can help guide you to purchasing the correct trees for your site. We have many varieties of trees available to us and will be happy to put them in the ground for you.

Take a look at our tree tubes and the dramatic results they make on your deciduous trees. I personally will never put in a tree without them again. We are an authorized Plantra Tree Tubes Dealer and will be happy to show you our own personal success with these tree tubes.

Choosing the Right Trees for Your Landscape

Tree Planting

Achieving a great-looking landscape that is also lush and inviting only comes after some hard work and pure love for your outdoors. And one way to ensure that you’ll have a successful tree planting project is to pick the right species according to your outdoors’ peculiar features and your aesthetic and practical needs. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the right trees for your landscape:

  • Location. It is vital to accurately determine the trees’ intended location. If you’re interested in planting on the north side of your home or building, then you should pick evergreens. Meanwhile, go for deciduous trees if you want your property to have ample shade during summer and warmth come winter. They are ideally planted on the east, south, and west sides of homes and commercial establishments.

  • Size. Tall and wide tree species are suited for driveways, jogging paths, homes, and areas that get much sunlight. Medium and skinny trees, meanwhile, are perfect for fences and areas that occupy small spaces.

  • Budget. Some trees cost a considerable amount to purchase, while there are tree species that can be bought even with a limited budget. So carefully determine how much money you can actually spend for the trees without ruining your budget.

  • Tree Planting Decorative and practical purposes. Of course, your target aesthetic and practical benefits should be a key factor when choosing which trees to plant. Some property owners are after tree species that look great during fall, while others want drought-tolerant trees that require very minimal maintenance efforts.

With us, you will be given professional guidance when choosing trees for your landscape. Our tree planting services include determining the right species for large areas and small spaces. We also pick which trees would work best for residential and for commercial properties.

Premium Trees and Supplies

At Precision Landscape & Irrigation, LLC, we mainly source our tree seedlings from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. They provide us with high-quality native trees that are specifically grown as part of conservation efforts. This means that not only are we planting trees that are sure to thrive well in Minnesota’s unique climate -- we are also guaranteeing that our trees are part of a worthwhile tradition. Their reasonably priced seedlings, on the other hand, allow us to lower our offered tree planting rates, which ultimately benefit clients like you.

Meanwhile, we take pride in our official capacity as a Plantra Tree Tubes Dealer. Tree tubes are used by many landscaping contractors and DIY homeowners as part of efforts to ensure the survival and health of seedlings. They protect young trees from animals and also serve as a greenhouse where optimum growth is ensured.

Tree Planting

Expert Tree Planting Personnel

As a pioneering company offering tree planting services to property owners in Fergus Falls, Ottertail, Underwood, Battle Lake, and Otter Tail and Becker counties, we assure clients that the trees we plant will survive, are healthy, and planted according to correct requirements.

Our owner, who leads our tree planting team, is an agronomy expert, so we have the experience and expertise when it comes to planting and care of Minnesota tree species. Ultimately, our fine qualities allow us to provide our clients with stunning landscapes teeming with lush vegetation.

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