Rip Rap & Rock Work

Rip Rap & Rock Work

Breathtaking rockwork to create beauty while securing your expensive shoreline.

Rockwork is a very difficult way to landscape but the final result is by far the best looking and the most natural look that you can get. Best of all, it is permanent. There is not a manmade product around that will outlast rocks.

Shoreline restoration helps protect your valuable property. With the costs of lake or river frontage you cannot afford to have your shoreline eaten away by the elements. Investing in Rip Rap will not only protect your shoreline but make you the envy of all of your neighbors with the esthetics this landscaping project can create.

Riprap would not be allowed in areas that have Cattails, Bullrushes, Sedges and other aquatic vegetation.

Click here for Ottertail County Shoreline Management information.

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