Permeable Paver Installation & Maintenance

Precision Landscape & Irrigation, LLC has been providing professional permeable paver installation and maintenance services to residential and commercial property owners across Minnesota. Our skilled installers and maintenance personnel are fully equipped with the right knowledge and appropriate tools and equipment to perform their jobs.

Permeable Paver Installation & Maintenance

With a solid portfolio that includes some of Minnesota’s most stunning properties, you’re assured of the results that you expect when you avail of our services. Contact us soon.

Benefits of Using Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers have been known to effectively cut down irrigation demands significantly. This is good news, especially if you are budget conscious. Moreover, these pavers are proven to effectively reduce the local heat island effect, which simply means that the surroundings will be much cooler.

Additionally, permeable paving solutions contribute to surface water management by allowing water runoff to seep through and cleanse it in the process. It is also worth noting that permeable pavers are aesthetically pleasing, which makes them ideal for landscapes.

Skilled Permeable Paver Installation

Permeable Paver Installation & Maintenance

We have skilled installers of permeable pavers who possess a deep understanding of the appropriate methods of laying down paver units. Whether they are creating a paver driveway or walkway, they can guarantee sturdy paver structures that are also functional and pleasing to the eyes.

Our permeable paver installation services cover all possible areas in outdoor spaces – driveways, outdoor kitchens, gardens, pool decks, patios, and many others. Our installation team has the right tools for simple tasks and the appropriate equipment for more complex projects.

In all our handled installation projects, our people use only the best paver products from our partner suppliers, allowing them to satisfy highly specific design requirements. Some of the premium permeable pavers that we use include Turfstone, Subterra, Eco Dublin, and Aquastone. These pavers are perfect for driveways, patios, decks, walkways, and parking areas.

Professional Paver Maintenance

One of our aims here at Precision Landscape & Irrigation, LLC is to help clients like you enjoy the wonderful benefits of your paver structures by offering comprehensive paver maintenance. With proper maintenance, we can prolong the serviceability of various paver amenities and help you save money on costly reinstallation jobs. We provide the following expert services:

Permeable Paver Installation & Maintenance
  • Repair and replacement. There could be unavoidable circumstances where paver structures get damaged. Be it due to an excessive load or because of the normal wear and tear, we can perform immediate repair and replacement to help prevent further damage and to keep the paver structures looking new once again.

  • Cleaning. Paver amenities must be regularly cleaned to keep their color and beauty last longer. Accordingly, we offer professional cleaning solutions that won’t harm or damage your different paver structures.

  • Sealing. We use only industry-approved sealing products to maintain your paver’s beauty and prevent the seep in of stain and other dirt on the paver units. Rest assured that our trained personnel will perform the sealing process successfully regardless of the scope of the area involved.

Certified and Accredited Paver Installers

As permeable paver installation and maintenance experts, we take pride in our ability to handle these tasks with ease. We are ICPI certified and a long-time member of the National Concrete Masonry Association. These certifications and accreditations attest to our capabilities and competence as paver installers. Our company is also an authorized Belgard contractor, so we are proficient in installing all their products.

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