Precision creates low-maintenance landscapes that conform to your taste. Giving you perennials for low maintenance structure and texture while integrating the ability to include areas of annuals for summer-long color.

The Advantages of Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is a fast, cost-effective way to have a new lawn that will turn your neighbors green with envy. Hydroseeding will cost just a little more than old-fashioned methods using dry seeding techniques combined with messy straw mulch.

The cost to have your new lawn hydroseeded is less than 1/2 the cost of using sod, and in a few weeks you will have a better and healthier lawn that was custom-tailored for your site.

Your new lawn will be sprayed on. The protective wood fiber mulch is attractive green in appearance. With a custom blend of seeds made specifically for your site the turf will thrive and look beautiful. The factors that would affect the way we blend the seed include, how much sun or shade it is at you location, the terrain, type of soil and if you have children or pets.

Hydroseeding vs. dry seeding

  1. Hydroseeded lawns come up faster. The mulch creates a microenvironment that gives you a greenhouse effect that is ideal for growing seeds.
  2. Wood fiber mulch holds 100 times its weight in water and allows you to hold moisture in the optimum location for seed germination and keeps your watering to a minimum.
  3. Hydroseeding mulch has an attractive green appearance that looks far better than lawns dry seeded and covered with straw mulch.
  4. Hydromulch has NO weed seed unlike straw which is loaded with weed seed.
  5. Hydroseeding allows the custom tailoring of the proper seed to your specific site.
  6. Hydromulch adds to the humus content of a lawn as it decomposes. The bacterial action of the wood fiber will leach nitrogen into the soil during decomposition and give you free nutrients for your turf.

Caring for a Newly Hydro Seeded Lawn