Granite Fabrications

For property owners in Minnesota who need professional workers for their granite fabrications, Precision Landscape & Irrigation, LLC is their best pick. We have been creating some extraordinary granite features for private residences, as well as commercial establishments across the state. Through the years, we have successfully worked on such highly technical and exacting jobs with outstanding results every single time.

Granite Features that We Can Fabricate

Granite Fabrications

At Precision Landscape & Irrigation, LLC, we can work on any outdoor or indoor features that may use granite. Most of our granite fabrications are commonly used in these areas and features:

  • Countertops for the kitchen. Be it an indoor kitchen or one that is installed outdoors, a granite countertop is surely a nice, elegant touch.

  • Areas in the bathroom. From lavatories and tubs to Jacuzzis, towel organizers, and soap holders, we can ensure premium appeal by fabricating these features using first-class granite.

  • Steps (garden or indoor). Steps made of granite possess a luxurious look that can’t be matched by any other materials. Accordingly, we can create them for you and have them placed in your indoor or outdoor spaces.

  • Tables. Dining or coffee tables made of premium granite exude the first-class appeal that will enhance the beauty of their immediate surroundings.

  • Fire bowls and fireplaces. Many of our past and present clients opt for granite fireplaces and fire bowls because of their sturdiness and aesthetic merits.

Complete Tools and Skilled Stone Masons

Granite Fabrications

When it comes to granite fabrications, it’s vital to use the right tools, supplies, and equipment to guarantee positive results. Among others, we use polishing cream, sandpaper discs, stone routers, grinding drums, wet stone saws, stone cups, rodding blades, edging machines, diamond pads, and the like.

Our skilled stonemasons, meanwhile, can cut your granite into specific requirements and ensure superb installation. Our people can turn rough granite slabs into finely cut pieces for your improvement project. We only source our granite from trusted quarries and manufacturers, so you’re assured of their high quality. Our suppliers provide us with granite slabs that are available in various interesting colors and hues, such as beige, green, red, white, yellow, burgundy, brown, blue, gray, and black. This wide range of colors is ideal for clients who want a personalized look for their desired granite features.

Our Granite Fabrications: How We Do Them

Granite Fabrications

Our company follows a systematic way of performing granite fabrications. First, we inspect the slabs to check for cracks, fissures, and other imperfections. We only use slabs that have very minimal issues to ensure quality. Afterward, we prepare the template layout where we mark the areas where the cuts are to be made. Once done, we proceed with the actual cutting of the slabs using appropriate tools.

After the slabs are cut into pieces, following predetermined exact measurements, our skilled masons will commence with the fabrication process. In this phase, our people will shape and form the cut pieces into the desired appearance. We then follow it up with polishing to ensure a nice smooth finish and then a quality check to ensure that everything was done as expected.

Only Hire Experienced Granite Fabricators

If you need people who are skilled and experienced in granite fabrications, call us today at 218-367-LAWN (5296). We assure you that you’ll be more than satisfied with our finished work.