Landscape & Irrigation Services

Precision Landscape is your full-service landscaping company in Ottertail, Minnesota. From designing to installing to maintaining your landscape, we take care of all aspects of your outdoors. We can design your landscape and install plants, trees, flowers, and lawns. We also design and build hardscapes, water features, and provide irrigation and outdoor lighting services. There is no outdoor plantscaping and hardscaping service that we do not offer. Explore all the different services that we offer to our residential and commercial clients in the region.

3D Landscape Design

Landscaping, Ottertail, MN

All our landscape projects begin in 3D designs. Once we have had an initial consultation and assessed your property, our designers will create a stunning 3D design providing preview of all aspects of your needs, preferences, and the discussed features that can be included in your landscape. Our professionally created 3D landscape designs mean that you and our landscape designers are on the same page.

This design process also makes it easy for you to make easy and quick adjustments to the design. Our 3D landscape design renderings will also allow you to check how each element will look with respect to the other. This includes trees, an outdoor kitchen, bushes, a fireplace, texture, color, contours, and other features. This will further help in identifying potential issues with your landscape before the landscape installation process ever begins. Our landscape designers will present you with stunning 3D previews that will take you on a tour of your new landscape. Read More About 3D Landscape Design >>

Landscape Installation

We provide landscape installation services for both homes and commercial properties. Our services cover all aspects of landscape, including hardscapes and plantscapes. From tree plantings to new lawns to planting beds to patios, outdoor kitchens, walkways, and retaining walls, we design, build, and install all elements and features that can complete your customized landscape. We have specialized and certified landscape designers and installers capable of transforming your ideas and visions into reality.

As an award-winning and ICPI Certified Installer, we have completed all types and scales of landscape installation projects in the region. We are a team of certified horticulturists, masons, arborists, and other landscape experts who have a great appreciation for the outdoors. Our deep understanding of the local climate and native plants and grasses, and long-standing business relationships with trusted product brands allow us to design and create stunning, longer-lasting, and low-maintenance landscaping solutions. Read More About Landscape Installation >>


Landscape Services, Ottertail, MN

We provide efficient hydroseeding services for you to have a new and lush lawn without having to wait for long. Our certified experts will help you enjoy a healthier and fuller lawn within a few weeks, customized to your site. Our unique process involves the use of protective wood fiber mulch and a custom blend of seeds made for your lawn. The result will be a turf that is the envy of everyone else.

Our experts will take all the key factors into account as part of our hydroseeding process. This includes sunlight and shade, soil type, terrain, and even the presence of children and pets in your home. We will use a custom mulch to create a microenvironment that develops a greenhouse effect and the perfect environment for seed growth. Our process eliminates any weed seed. We use the process of hydro-mulch that reduces the need for regular watering and enhances your lawn’s humus content. Read More About Hydroseeding >>

Tree Planting

We have planted thousands of trees for our clients. From helping you make the right choice of trees for your landscape to planting them, we can help you with all aspects of the process to create a greener space. We can also supply you with the right trees for your site and personal preferences. Our team comprises arborists with the experienced, knowledge, skills, and equipment required to plan and install different types of trees on your property.

Our certified arborists will help you make the right decisions on the type of trees to plant, the perfect location, watering, drainage, and shade concerns, and other factors. When planning a tree-planting project, we are driven by the goal to ensure the longevity and health of your trees while enhancing the beauty and value of your property. We will recommend planting tree species that thrive in your landscape. Read More About Tree Planting >>

Hardscape Designs

Landscape Design, Ottertail, MN

If you have a hardscaping idea in your mind, we have the expertise and experience required to create them. We can design and install all types of hardscaping features under the sun – ranging from outdoor kitchens to fireplaces to fire pits to paver installations, walkways, and retaining walls, and everything in between. The use of high-quality materials and our expert craftsmanship help create hardscapes that last long and require low maintenance.

We help you create beautiful, functional, and low-maintenance outdoors. We understand the need for hardscaping features that mean greater relaxation, comfort, elegance, and pride for our clients. Besides, we always focus on designing features that increase your property’s value. Every new feature is designed to blend elegantly with the existing elements to create a meaningful and aesthetically pleasing landscape. We design hardscapes for both residential and commercial properties. And each project begins with a full understanding of our client’s needs, design preferences, and available space. All our design works involve the use of the latest 3D design software. Read More About Hardscape Designs >>

Outdoor Kitchens / Grill Islands

We design and install custom outdoor kitchens and grill islands with all the features and functionalities to make outdoor cooking an exciting experience for you. With us, you will find an endless selection of hand-crafted outdoor kitchens, grill islands, and fire features designed specifically to fit your lifestyle, budget, and space. We also offer functionally and aesthetically appealing products to meet your unique expectations.

This includes everything from grills to refrigerators to smokers and beverage stations.

We generally build our grill islands using a steel frame, stucco, tile, and hardiebacker. They can also be customized using porcelain, slate, stacked stone, or other materials based on your home’s outdoor design and your needs. Similarly, we can create custom outdoor kitchens using a wide range of materials. We understand it when our clients’ preferences evolve during the design process and our team will guide you in creating the perfect outdoor kitchens and grill islands customized to your specifications. Read More About Outdoor Kitchens / Grill Islands >>

Outdoor Fireplace / Fire Pits

A custom-designed outdoor fireplace or fire pit is an excellent way to enhance your outdoor living area. We create fire pits and fireplaces that offer a comfortable space for your family and guests to gather around.

The warmth also helps extend the amount of time you spend outdoors. We will plan and design these features after assessing factors such as the location, your seating requirements, local code, and the fuel source.

Our choice of materials will further depend on your style preferences. Brick, natural stone, and concrete are recommended due to their heat-resistant and waterproof features. Our designers will ensure that the choice of material also complements the existing hardscapes. Some of the common factors that influence your fireplace or fire pit’s design include your need for a campfire look and feel, inclusion of other features like a pizza oven, and preference for an in-ground or raised design. Read More About Outdoor Fireplace / Fire Pits >>

Water Features & Ponds

We design and build water features that can instantly transform your landscape. We create custom ponds, fountains, waterfalls, water gardens, and streams that add the soothing sounds of running water and the pleasing beauty of water, stones, and plantscapes to your outdoor. Our team will work closely with you to bring your vision and ideas to life. From beautiful focal features to pieces of art, we can create unique water features for your landscape.

We install all types of ponds including the famous koi ponds. Whatever your custom pond design requirements, our experienced and certified designers can design and build them to your specifications. Every water feature we create is meant to seamlessly fit into our client’s existing landscape. It is not just a matter of aesthetic and functional perspective; our features also enhance your property’s value. You will be able to preview your project’s 3D drawing before we begin working on it. Read More About Water Features & Ponds >>

Paver Installation

From patios to pool decks to walkways, we provide complete paver installation services for different types of outdoor features. The use of high-quality materials, proven craftsmanship, and custom designs ensure you will have features that complement the existing style and require low maintenance. We carry a large selection of paver shapes, designs, textures, sizes, and colors to provide custom solutions. Whether you want to add a patio, a walkway, driveway, or sidewalk, we have the experience and expertise required to create the perfect outdoor space for you.

Our paver installation services will provide you with much more than aesthetic elegance. You can look forward to unmatched durability, longevity, and ease of maintenance. We also specialize in installing stone interlocking pavers. The use of complementing stone setting pavers can instantly enhance your property’s curb appeal and add to its value. We create outdoor spaces that add a unique look to your property and create a space for entertainment, pleasure, and relaxation for your family and friends. Read More About Paver Installation >>

Retaining Walls

We design and build custom retaining walls to address the structural and aesthetic needs of your landscape. From resisting lateral pressures to stopping soil erosion, our professionals can design these walls to protect your landscape. Our team will inspect your property before determining the need and size of the wall. We work with different types of materials to address the unique needs of your property, including concrete blocks, rocks, boulders, and poured concrete.

We create retaining walls in different shapes and sizes to act as the backbone of your landscape. These structures are often recommended to provide stability to other hardscaping features such as patios and walkways. We often design retaining walls for steps that can be used to connect front doors with sidewalks. Often features such as railings are added for additional safety. Our award-winning team has the expertise and resources required to design and build well-engineered and beautiful retaining walls for your property. Read More About Retaining Walls >>

Granite Fabrications

Our granite fabrication services can add style and value to your property. We can transform your living space with our expert service, creating spaces you can cherish for a lifetime. Our designers and fabricators will work closely with you to create a space that speaks of custom functionalities and unmatched aesthetics. The use of granite slabs for your property means greater durability, affordable pricing, and a touch of uniqueness.

If you are looking for a reliable granite fabricator, you will find the best solutions and services from us. We provide end-to-end solutions for not just our direct clients, but also for other landscape architects and contractors. We have the equipment, artisans, and products to meet your custom requirements. When you choose our granite fabrication services, you can expect the services of knowledgeable stone designers and experienced fabricators. You can rely on our expertise in matching the granite slabs perfectly with the existing elements in your space. Read More About Granite Fabrications >>


We specialize in planning and laying stunning rip rap and rockwork that also secures your shoreline. Our rockwork services provide a natural look to your landscape. We are your one-stop landscaping experts.

Our shoreline restoration services can play a crucial role in protecting your property. We create features that prevent the elements from eating away your shoreline. The benefits of our installed rip rap will also add to your property’s beauty.

We design and install rip rap and rock work for all types of features including streambeds, pilings, and other forms of shores. We use a properly graded mixture of rock sizes for optimal results. The right riprap material is used to prevent freeze and thaw cycles to affect their structural integrity. Our experts will determine the right depth, filter material, and other factors to ensure longevity and optimal protection. Our experienced team will evaluate the shear stress of the flows before beginning the work. Read More About Rip Rack & Rock Work >>

Irrigation & Lighting Installation

We design and install custom irrigation solutions for both residential and commercial properties. No project is too big or small for us. We have worked on small home systems and the most complex and elaborate golf course systems. We are driven by the goal to create and install irrigation systems that enhance your landscape’s health, beauty, and lifespan. Our technicians will take your landscape’s unique needs and the local conditions into condition when designing your irrigation and drainage system. The system will water the right areas at the right time.

As a full-service landscaping company, we also specialize in outdoor lighting services. We can design and install custom, low-voltage lighting solutions for your outdoors. Our landscape lighting services are focused on enhancing beauty, safety, and security on your property. We create custom lighting solutions for all outdoor areas and features including gardens, lawns, driveways, and walkways. Read More About Irrigation & Lighting Installation >>

Permeable Paver Installation & Maintenance

Permeable pavers are the perfect material options for more projects than just the parking space. We specialize in designing and laying these unique pavers that provide the ideal solution for stormwater management problems. Any permeable surface installation begins with assessing the stormwater that needs to be managed, and the infiltration rates, and strength of the soil. We create permeable pavement features that enhance your residential or commercial property’s aesthetics and value and solve any water runoff problems.

We can work with permeable pavers to create a wide range of exterior hardscapes. This includes parking lots, driveways, walkways, garages, patios, fire lanes, and playgrounds. Our professional installation will help you achieve the optimal life of your pavement. The material and our craftsmanship will help lower the maintenance costs. We use high-quality products that are strong enough to withstand all types and volumes of traffic. Read More About Permeable Paver Installation & Maintenance >>

On Demand Snow Removal

When it comes to caring for and managing your landscape, you can trust us for our full range of services. We also provide on-demand snow removal services. Our range of services includes snow plowing and shoveling services. Our experienced and fully equipped crew will arrive on your property on-call or on a pre-arranged schedule to plow and remove snow from your parking lots and driveways.

It is a smart choice to hire our snow shoveling services to create a safe space on your property during the winter. Whether you have a few inches of snow or a foot or more of it, we provide all levels of snow removal services. With our annual agreement plans, you will not have to call us every time you have a snow problem. When you choose our services, you can focus on relaxing and taking care of your chores and work. We will take care of the hard work involved in keeping your driveway and entrance clear of snow. Read More About On-Demand Snow Removal >>

We at Precision Landscape are your fully licensed, insured, and bonded landscaping company in Ottertail. We service both residential and commercial properties throughout the surrounding lakes area. If you need more information about our services, please call us today at 218-367-LAWN (5296) or send us your details using this Form to get a free estimate.