Outdoor Fireplace

We know you deserve to come home to a relaxing outdoors. Let us make things more comfortable for you by installing outdoor fireplace units in your outdoor space. We have already completed several installation projects for residential properties, large estates, and commercial establishments in Minnesota, so we are confident that you will be fully satisfied with our services and offered fire features.

Custom Fireplace for a Standout Landscape

Outdoor Fireplace

Here at Precision Landscape & Irrigation, LLC, we believe that every client has a unique design taste and an even unique personality. As such, adopting a run-of-the-mill approach to creating a custom outdoor fireplace just won’t cut it out. This is exactly why we’ve always strived to design outdoor fireplaces in a way that will highlight each client’s peculiar design requirements and distinctive personality.

We do this by carefully listening to our clients’ desires and consequently incorporating their requests in our construction plan. All of our fireplace installation tasks are personally monitored by an experienced staff that ensures everything is being done as planned. In the end, our meticulous attention to details, use of premium materials, and skilled installation allow us to provide clients with custom outdoor fireplaces that make their landscape exceptionally inviting and appealing.

Pre-built Premium Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace

There are clients who prefer pre-manufactured outdoor fireplaces because of their convenient installation and lower price. Fortunately, we have trusted partners such as Belgard, which supplies us with premium quality, pre-built outdoor fireplace units that are almost as captivating as customized fireplaces. They have many available designs that can fit any existing landscape theme – classic, modern, contemporary.

The beauty of their offered pre-made outdoor fireplaces is that they are built using excellent materials. They are guaranteed tough and made to last for decades.

Accordingly, we can ensure quick and appropriate installation of these outdoor fire features. We have the necessary equipment to safely position your desired outdoor fireplace in a strategic spot in your outdoors. We can even offer you some great care and maintenance tips to ensure that you will enjoy its wonderful benefits for the longest possible time

Areas Where We Place Fireplaces

We can install any outdoor fireplace unit in strategic areas around properties, including patios, beside a pool, near a garden, close to an outdoor kitchen, and in the middle of sitting walls. Just tell us your desired spot, and we will install your fireplace accordingly.

Great Reasons to Hire Us

Outdoor Fireplace

With us, you can enjoy all the wonderful benefits of an outdoor fireplace, such as warmth during cold days and nights and having a more inviting, more visually appealing outdoors. And these are the three specific reasons why you should hire our services:

  • Skilled installers. We have certified masons and installers of these outdoor features, so you can expect a hassle-free installation.

  • Quality materials. We use only the finest quality materials in all our custom fireplace projects. Whether you want a brick fireplace or one that is made of natural stone, rest assured that we will not scrimp on the quality of materials that we will use.

  • Affordable rates. Got a limited budget? No worries -- we have some of the lowest installation rates offered by any company offering such services.

So if you want the best possible outdoor fireplace that will provide you some outstanding benefits, call us today at 218-367-LAWN (5296). We have provided our expert services to property owners across Minnesota, including Ottertail and nearby cities.

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