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Land Management

Land Management

Here at Precision Landscape we have been working on land management for over 20 years. We start with the Quality Deer Management principles and concepts and implement our own innovative ideas to come up with an extreme management system to make your hunting property more successful. We use concepts that will allow you to be a better manager of your deer herd and the ecosystem they live in while allowing you to be a more successful extreme hunter.

You have spent thousands of dollars on your property for enjoyment but also for an investment. Take that next step and invest in managing it correctly. If you have a leaky roof you will take the money to fix it to insure your investment will be there for you and is protected. The same goes with your hunting property, it makes dollar sense to ensure you property is going in the right direction. Having a plan will save you countless man hours and dollars to make sure you are doing your management practices correctly. Protect your hunting property and make that investment.

Land Management

We can help you with anything from tree and brush clearing, hinge cuts, food plots, native grass planting, and tree planting, to building an elaborate hunting Mecca with strategic stand placement, deer bedding areas and sanctuaries. Our company can take you from consulting all the way to implementation of the entire plan. We would be happy to talk to you and design a project to fit your budget.

Our tactics have been proven time after time. You don't need hundreds of acres and a big wallet to start shooting the deer of your dreams. Most of the properties we have helped range between 40 and 150 acres. Regardless of the size of your property, Precision can customize a plan to fit your needs. Let Precision design a plan to get you on your way to the most extreme hunting experiences you have ever had on your own hunting land!

We just recently worked with a group on 1000 acres of hunting property near Camp Ripley. We cleared 65 acres and put in food plots for them. We gave them ideas on property management, deer strategies and designed plans for their future. We gave them a plan and got them started and they are now on their way to extreme hunting.

Land Management

First and foremost, I am a deer hunter and Precision does landscaping to pay the bills but I have a true passion for the management of our property and deer. I have a degree in Agronomy so I have the science behind me but I have also spent countless years and man hours in the field fine tuning my tactics. Let Precision help bring those ideas to your hunting property and help you start to experience extreme hunting.

This is proven success and these are just a few deer that have been taken off of properties we have managed. This is the real deal - no game farms, fenced in properties, paid for hunts, these are consistent, year after year, and all fair chase on Precision managed properties.

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